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Speaker Info

So what’s it take to be a speaker at your conference?

Are you excited about PowerShell and want to share your knowledge with your peers? Great! You’re a qualified speaker!

This event is open to speakers of all skill levels and this will be an excellent opportunity to get experience in presenting content to an audience. We are very happy to work with first-time speakers as long as your topic is relevant to the information topics listed below. All you need is a passion for PowerShell and an interesting, relevant topic. If you are wondering if you can do this, you can!

All topics should be geared towards one of the three main topic areas we are following for this conference.

  • PowerShell 101 (Intro and Fundamentals)
  • PowerShell Tools (Scripting tools and DevOps)
  • DevOps & Security (DevOps, CI\CD and Security Practices)

Follow these guidelines for choosing your topic::

  • Talks should be focused on a specific area or problem solution. An example talk that illustrates this point might be: “How to search event logs with PowerShell effectively”
  • Talks should show people the value that a topic has to offer. An example would be: “Why you should be using Pester for testing your code”
  • Talks should teach people about a particular subject or expose new and interesting facets of PowerShell that may not be well known. An example to follow would be: “Getting Started with Just Enough Administration”

The audience will be a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced PowerShell users spread across many different areas of IT. Talks should be more code and demo driven then slides. It is certainly ok to use slides, but we would prefer to have as much live demo material and interactions between speakers and participants as possible. Recorded video is also acceptable as backups to live demos.

Conference rooms will be university classrooms set up for presenting material to about 50-60 people per room. All rooms will have video screens and projection technology to assist with presentations. You must bring your own laptop for the presentation. We will provide information on what adaptors might be needed to successfully connect to classroom projection systems.

When will the line-up of topics and speakers be announced?

We started accepting speakers’ submissions in mid-April and we’ll close the submission process on June 2nd. Once that process closes, we’ll select topics for the event and announce our roster of topics and speakers by June 15th. Once the speakers are selected, we update this page with a full roster of speakers, their topics and their bios.

What will our conference look like?

Our goal is to provide unique and informative sessions that not only educate but engage our attendees. The Raleigh Triangle PowerShell group has always had a stellar lineup of local and national speakers and we expect the same for our one day event.

Our group is known for delivering great content as well as being super friendly and welcoming to all members and all skill levels. We are looking to reproduce the small community feel of our meetings in the full day setting of this conference. Our speakers love us because we put a lot of effort into helping speakers do the best they can to be successful.

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