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Our Speakers

Use Default Formats to Improve Your Quality of Life

Jeremy Smith

PowerShell Security 102?

Jon Fox

Searching Event Logs like a "Boss"

Phil Bossman

Securing PSRemoting

James Petty

Using Dbatools To Automate Database Migrations

Joshua Corrick

Filtering Files at Scale

Mark Hutchenson

Crossing the Divide - A System Administrator's Path to DevOps

Dave Carroll

Don't do what I did! Avoiding Azure $urprise$!

Michael Teske

PowerShell 101 – Arrays

Wes Carroll

Securing Windows 10 with PowerShell Compliance items in SCCM

Jon Warnken

PowerShell Streams and Using the Right Write-* Cmdlet

Justin Gehman

Why can't we be friends? Command Line Utilities + PowerShell = <3

Ryan Leap

The Ins and Outs of Error Handling

David Littlejohn

Gaining 20/20 vision during an incident with PowerShell

Fernando Tomlinson

What to do when .NET isn't enough

Jason Walker

Don't Reinvent Another Wheel if You Don't Have To

David Stein

Why you should be using PSReadline everyday.

Jeffery Hayes

Code. Commit. Deploy. Starting your 3 step journey to utilizing Pipelines

Stephen Valdinger

Powering up on PowerShell

Fernando Tomlinson

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