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January 5th Meetup

Using PowerShell with Runway Automation Platform

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This presentation, we welcome Anthony Howell @ThePoshWolf. Anthony will showcase the usage of the free community version of Runway Automation Platform

Join Anthony as he talks about Runway and focus on the cool parts of scripting with Runway. They are looking for testers, so get ready.


Starting at the help desk in 2009, Anthony Howell has built a career in IT automation and development, with a focus on PowerShell. This includes a lot of boring things, like user lifecycle automation or custom application installation scripts, but it also includes some really cool and exciting things, such as API module development (including AutoRest) or cloud automation projects. It really is just too much to fit under one day job – so you might also find him blogging and speaking on PowerShell, when he’s not picking up some PowerShell consulting projects on the side.

Attend Meeting: If you would like to join us, please Rsvp yes and then the remote attendee link for Microsoft teams will be visible.

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