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July 3rd 2024 Meetup

Dual PowerShell Skill Builder (featuring Mike Kanakos & Phil Bossman)

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Join us this month for twice the PowerShell learning with demos by Mike Kanakos and Phil Bossman.

Meeting Overview:

Get ready for double the fun this month with two featured PowerShell Skill builder sessions! You get twice the amount of PowerShell goodness to enjoy!

Mike Kanakos will share how he handled a basic task: identifying the individual linked to each of 750 computers. Spoiler: Active Directory did not contain the owner information. We’ll walk through how Mike figured out how to find the info, make a working query and eventually format the requested output.

Discover how Phil Bossman achieves exceptional speed in his code by leveraging parallel actions. Phil’s desire was to upgrade his function, which accepted pipeline input and processed it sequentially, into a high-speed tool that used parallel processing to breeze through the task! Phil will share how he updated the function and the code that allowed him to get a tremendous performance boost!

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RTPSUG is a friendly cadre of PowerShell fans from different walks of life, all coming together to share our love for ideas and knowledge. Our meetups are open to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with PowerShell. So, if PowerShell is your jam, come hang out with us and see how our group can level up your PowerShell journey.

Recording Notice:

Get ready to shine in the spotlight! We love capturing the magic of our meetings and sharing it with the world on our YouTube channel a few days later. By showing up, you’re giving us the green light to use any recordings that might have your star appearance in them. We might even make you famous on YouTube and Reddit! 🌟📹😄