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November 17th Meetup

Use PowerShell to Audit and Track Group Policy Changes.

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This presentation will primarily showcase usage of the PowerShell module TrackGpo, how it can tie in to Git repos, and how to extend its functionality. TrackGPO is a PowerShell module that allows you to track changes to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) easily.

Join Devin as he talks about challenges that he faced while turning group policy into a predictable and usable set of data!

Devin is a 10 year professional in the IT industry. He primarily works with automation, networking, and security in the financial services sector. He got his start in IT as a 15-yr old at his high school where he ran/terminated Ethernet cables and administered the school WiFi. This experience in high school led him to get a B.S. in Information Technology - Network Administration. He and his wife live in Utah and have 4 children. Most recently, he has been playing around with NoSql in Azure Cosmos DB.

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