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November 3rd Meetup

Stories from the Field: Using PowerShell automate to a better world

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Let’s talk about how we can take automation beyond the infrastructure IT role, and show how it can be used to automate the process of upgrading server-based applications. We’ll cover taking snapshots in vCenter, disabling server monitoring, stopping services on multiple servers, terminating file share access, resetting IIS, modifying config files, and cleaning up; all from a single server.

Dan Greenhaus (@ESECtrainingDan) is a PowerShell novice with a passion for processes and automation. Dan is currently a Sr. Enterprise Applications Analyst for a mid-sized financial institution in the Raleigh NC area and has worked as a System Administrator, Desktop Support Technician, and Helpdesk Analyst throughout his career. In his spare time, he likes to run into burning buildings, write articles for various industry magazines, and present at conferences all over the US.