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December 2nd Meetup

Getting Started with Ansible

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Ansible is an amazingly flexible tool to manage your infrastructure. Jeremy Murrah @JeremyMurrah will be showing how you can get started using ansible to manage Windows Servers and treat your servers as “cattle” and not “pets”.

If you have never touched Ansible, fear not, because this is an intro that will cover how to get started and what are the important pieces to understand. Jeremy will show off the basic features, how they work and then highlight some useful modules to extend Ansible even further.

Since Ansible is a cross platform tool. Jeremy will also cover using Ansible in PowerShell for Windows and Linux. We’ll wrap it all up with a look at how to use ansible with DSC and how to get started writing your own custom Ansible modules.

Should be fun and great opportunity to learn some new tools to help get the work done better, faster and easier!

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