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September 16th Meetup

Contributing to

Read Post is the home for Microsoft documentation. It is a valuable resource for IT pros to learn how various Microsoft services and products work. What may not be well-known is that the docs website is open source! Anyone can contribute, edit, change, add to the documentation available. The question is how to does someone make a change and what happens after they submit a change?

This month we will explore how ANYONE can make a change to the docs website and what Microsoft does after someone submits a change. To help us do that this month, we have representatives from Microsoft to pull back the covers and show what happens when a change is submitted. They will reveal what they do on their side to approve a change and make it show on the website.

Our speakers this month are Michael Bender, Sean Wheeler and Chase Wilson. Sean and Chase are content developers for Microsoft supporting the docs system. Michael Bender is a author evangelist for PluralSight and former Microsoft employee. These gentlemen have planned an interactive demo that will highlight how easy the process is for someone to participate.

Join us to see how Microsoft maintains their own documentation!