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May 20th Meeting

Jocel Sabellano: Maneuvering Your Way to Microsoft Graph API

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The Azure cloud is a nearly limitless place to store data, host applications and perform complex calculations on your data. The method for accessing Azure cloud resources programmatically is the Graph API. Microsoft Graph is a RESTful web API that enables you to access Microsoft Cloud service resources.

Join Jocel Sabellano for a deep dive on how the graph API works and how to interact with it to access the myriad of services in the Azure Cloud. Jocel is a cloud expert for an MSP in the Chicago area. He works with customers helping them get their data into the cloud and accessing that data securely.

Jocel will be showing us how we can get started with the Microsoft Graph and discussing the different options available for authentication. He’ll also be diving into different ways you can us the graph API for various workloads.

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