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March 18th Meetup

Build your first Serverless App in Azure in under 60 minutes!

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Looking to learn how to get started in Azure? Have you considered Serverless apps? Be not afraid. They’re easy to build and allow you get started without needing a degree in programming… .

Our speaker, Jeremy Brown, @Banana_Jama will walk through the basics of serverless apps, build a simple app AND put it online in 45 minutes!

Jeremy is an IT veteran with 20+ yrs in the IT industry. His PowerShell experience goes all the way back to v1 as a Microsoft Trainer. Once he began with PowerShell, he fell in love and has used PowerShell as his primary tool since that time. Jeremy currently works as a sysadmin and cloud ops pro automating Azure and Office 365 in a hybrid environment for the NC Judicial Branch.

Come take a look at the mystery and wonder of using someone else’s computer to do your work. We’ll explore using Azure Static Websites, REST APIs, and Azure Functions together in a tale of one person’s journey to a “Derpy” webapp of something they could have just Googled.

By the end of our meeting, you will learn how easy and cheap it is to host a website and make that other person’s computer do your bidding.


Our local meeting has been replaced with a virtual meeting this month due to the Corona virus and meeting restrictions in place at MetLife.

Want to know what time this meeting is in time zone

This is a live-streamed event that will be posted on YouTube afterward. By attending this meeting, you agree to allow us to use any recordings of yourself for later use and posted in public forums such as YouTube and Reddit. We record all of our meetings and place the recordings on our YouTube channel a few days after our meetings.

The remote connection information for our meeting will be sent approximately 3 hrs prior to the start of the meeting to all members who RSVP yes to this meeting.