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March 4th Meetup

What You Need to Know About PowerShell 7

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It’s an exciting time in the world of PowerShell. Microsoft is about to release the next release of PowerShell to the general public any day now. This new release, known as PowerShell 7, brings with it many new tools and capabilities to help sysadmins, software devs and other IT pros.

This month we’re going to kick the tires on PowerShell 7 and show off some of the cool new bits that are available with the new release! … and we’ve got an all-star cast of presenters that will show us around!

Stephen Valdinger @steviecoaster, Joel Sallow @vexx32, Josh King @WindosNZ, Phil Bossman @Schlauge and Mike Kanakos @MikeKanakos will be showing off some of the new features in PowerShell 7 in small 5-10 minute snippets that are easy for anyone to digest.

By the time the meeting wraps up, each attendee should be familiar with close to 10 new features of PowerShell 7! Join us for a super fun feature intro of what’s new in PowerShell 7!

Want to know what time this meeting is in your time zone?

This is a live-streamed event that will be posted on YouTube afterward. By attending this meeting, you agree to allow us to use any recordings of yourself for later use and posted in public forums such as YouTube and Reddit. We record all of our meetings and place the recordings on our YouTube channel a few days after our meetings.

The remote connection information for our meeting will be sent approximately 3 hrs prior to the start of the meeting to all members who RSVP yes to this meeting.