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February 5th Meetup

Core Concept: Everything you wanted to know about Hashtables

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This month we’re discussing one of the most useful tools in the PowerShell toolset: Hashtables. Our speaker this month is Microsoft MVP and PowerShell community hero Kevin Marquette.

Hashtables are a powerful feature of the PowerShell language that is often overlooked or misunderstood. Kevin will walk through “everything you would want to know about Hashtables” including their usage and some gotchas you should watch for. Whether you are a season pro or just learning scripting, this session will something for you. Kevin is a masterful speaker and his presentations always have content for all skill levels.

Speaker Bio: Kevin Marquette is a PowerShell community contributor, a Microsoft MVP and a PowerShell Community Hero. He is an AWS Engineer but the opinions and content he is presenting are his own. His website: www. , is go to resource for learning the fundamental concepts of PowerShell.