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January 1st Meetup

Why can't we be friends? Command Line Utilities + PowerShell = <3

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Command-line utilities are great. But they don’t follow PowerShell patterns. They don’t produce objects and they don’t support the pipeline. They output to the console and that’s the end of the line. Or is it? Learn how you can bring the benefits of PowerShell to your command-line utilities.

Help us start the new as we dive into how those old school command-line tools we all have and new-school PowerShell cmdlets and scripts can work together to make things better than if you only used of those tools alone.

Our speaker this month is Ryan Leap from Cary, NC. Ryan is a local RTPSUG member and sysdmin. Ryan excels at making efficient, well-thought out tools that do something no one has thought of before and using his tools in interesting ways.

Ryan’s talk this month is a recap of the talk he did at the RTPSUG PowerShell Saturday in September. His talk was a fan favorite, and we wanted to share his knowledge with the greater PowerShell community.