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October 2nd Meetup

Career Development Talk!

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Join us as we take a break from code and sit down with three industry veterans to discuss how PowerShell has played a role in their careers and where they see the industry headed - not just for PowerShell and automation - but for all of IT!

This month we’ll be hosting a panel discussion with Michael Bender (PluralSight), Julie Andreacola (Microsoft PFE), and Fernando Tomlinson (US Department of Defense). Our panelists will talk about and answer questions on all aspects of career development. They’ll share their triumphs and mistakes and share tools they use for learning. You’ll get a firsthand account of the things they did to be successful and the things they wish they had avoided.

But we don’t just want you to come and watch this panel discussion! You’re invited to ask questions that could help you figure out where you should focus your time and what are useful resources to help you get ahead! This is a unique opportunity to get direct answers YOUR career questions!



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