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August 7th Meetup

PowerShell Core: Who, What, Where, When, Why

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Are you confused about the differences between PowerShell and PowerShell core? Have you heard that PowerShell 7 is coming soon? Are you curious about how to run the different flavors of PowerShell side by side? What about remotely managing Linux/Windows hosts?

Join us for answers to these questions and others as we host a discussion on the current state of the PowerShell landscape with Kevin Laux, a senior Platform Engineer in Raleigh, NC. As a PowerShell advocate, Kevin pushes his colleagues to script and use PowerShell with every opportunity. Kevin has been deeply immersed in the Linux kernel for the past year and has been working on mastering how to manage Linux with PowerShell.

He will walk us through the basic differences of PS and PSCore and outline where PowerShell is heading. Kevin will also be talking about how “PowerShell is complete” and all functionality updates are going into its open-source brother PowerShell Core and the next version of PowerShell. Last but not least, Kevin will also talk about how to install PowerShell Core and SSH on Windows as well as how to access endpoints with SSH.