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July 17th Meetup

Writing Code: Moving from admin scripter to PowerShell developer

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One of the great things about PowerShell is the barrier to entry is low. Writing simple scripts is a task that anyone can do with just a little bit of practice. The downside is that over time, many admins end up with a pile of half-baked scripts that don’t age well.

This month, Brett Miller will talk about how the hot mess of scripts that you have created over time can become solid, reusable code. Brett is an IT Pro who cut his teeth by doing IT Ops support. Brett started coding by learning how to automate some boring Active Directory administration tasks, caught the scripting bug and has been automating processes ever since! Brett is now a live services specialist for Sage, working with Azure, Azure DevOps, terraform and has recently started playing with C#. He is an active member of the PowerShell community, shares and contributes to OSS projects and can sometimes be found coding on Twitch.

Brett will walk us through the process of taking those hoarded scripts from the scratch folder of your laptop and turning them into reusable functions that you can share with your colleagues. He’ll follow that up with a look at how you can develop your reusable functions into a module to share with colleagues and the rest of the IT world.

If you ever had questions about how the PowerShell pros are sharing their code with the public, then you need to join Brett for a peek at the process of how to make good code GREAT!