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June 5th Meetup

PowerShell Pro Tools: Take Your PowerShell to New Places

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One of the greatest strengths of the PowerShell language is its flexibility. However, even though PowerShell is super adaptable, some tasks are still a challenge. Tasks such as creating a GUI front-end for your PowerShell function or packaging your PowerShell module as an EXE or DLL are not trivial tasks. That’s where 3rd party tools and add-ons can bridge the gap!

This month, Microsoft MVP Tim Warner @TechTrainerTim walks you through how to use Adam Driscoll’s PowerShell Pro Tools software suite. Tim will show you how you can create GUI’s, make EXE’s as well as convert PowerShell to C# and vice-versa with the help of PowerShell Pro tools. He’ll also dive into how you can use PowerShell Pro Tools in three different editors: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and the PowerShell console.

We invite to join us and see how with the right set of tools, tasks that seem daunting can be much easier to accomplish. Take your PowerShell development to areas you never thought you would venture into with PowerShell Pro Tools!



  • Video: TBD