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May 15th Meetup

Chocolatey: From zero to software deployment hero in 60 minutes!

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PowerShell has been responsible for introducing countless numbers of engineers to automation. Now come see how Chocolatey does the same for software distribution. The days of building complex multi-step MSI’s and zip installs are gone and in its place is simple to build and simple to install packages that can be run from a PowerShell command prompt with ease.

Our speaker this month is Chocolatey engineer, Stephen Valdinger, who will be walking us through the ins and outs of Chocolatey and how easy it is to take software deployment to the command line. Chocolatey enables IT administrators to package and install anything that can be done in PowerShell in a reliable, scalable, and traceable manner. It’s easy and accessible to anyone!

You’ll see firsthand how you can get started deploying software with Chocolatey in under 5 minutes and learn how to treat everything from zips, scripts, and binaries as first-class citizens using Chocolatey.

This is a local meeting that will be held at the Metlife campus in Cary but we’ll also have a virtual meeting/livestream option for people who cannot attend in person. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm and the presentation will begin at 7 pm. The first half hour is for members to socialize, eat and cover any announcements that are related to the group. The live-stream link for this meeting will be posted the day of the meeting to people who have RSVP’ed yes to this event.



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