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May 1st Meetup

PSKoans: Learn PowerShell concepts using Pester!

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What’s the #1 request that we get at our user group meetings?

“What do you recommend for learning PowerShell?”

Of course, there is no right answer for everyone but this month we’ll be sharing with you an absolutely awesome way to learn PowerShell through an interactive PowerShell session!

Our speaker this month is Joel Sallow, who will be showcasing his PowerShell module called PSKoans. Joel is an active PowerShell community member answering questions and providing help to people in the PowerShell forums in Slack and Discord as well as one of the top people in Reddit PowerShell forum. If you asked a question on Reddit PowerShell, chances are Joel gave you the answer!

The goal of the PowerShell koans is to teach you PowerShell by presenting you with a set of questions. Each kōan (each question) is represented by a failing Pester test. Your goal is to make those tests pass by filling out the correct answer, or writing the correct code.

The koans start very simply to get you familiar with the basic concepts and progress towards more difficult. Teaching you multiple beginner, intermediate and advanced aspects of PowerShell in the process. If you are struggling to learn PowerShell concepts and syntax, then this is a must see event for you!