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January 16th Meetup

Learn to Search like a "Boss" with PowerShell!

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Windows Eventlogs are a pain! Become the Boss of your EventLogs

Eventlogs: Learn to Search like a “Boss” with PowerShell!

Synopsis: Phil Bossman is an accomplished Windows administrator, a Citrix architect for a national building materials supplier as well as a co-leader of the Raleigh-Triangle PowerShell Users Group.

In this talk, Phil shows you how to search the Windows event logs with efficiency. We all know that event logs contain a ton of useful information, but they aren’t exactly the easiest to search. Phil masterfully presents information and tricks that are squarely geared towards PowerShell pros but also covers enough of the the basics for beginners as well on how to get started with event log searching. Phil finishes up this talk with some advanced concepts on how you super charge searches without needing a ton of overhead (CPU & RAM) to run those searches.

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Eventlogs: Learn to Search like a “Boss” with PowerShell! Phil Bossman Link to Video